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Health 2.0 India 2014

Health 2.0 India 2014

The theme for Health 2.0 India 2014 is ‘Simply Lead’ which speaks to a belief that we must reboot and reframe leadership for health care in the 21st century.

An exclusive event for visionary leaders, physicians, patients, start-ups, health industry experts, investors, health care corporations, government officials and anybody who dares to take on the challenge of shaping what’s possible. 2014 Topics will include :

  • Designing an improved patient experience for a Billion people
  • Trending – Startups, Funding and Accelerating Health 2.0
  • Health 2.0 in the village
  • Quantified self, wearable sensors and trackers
  • Mobile health in real life
  • Rise of big data and better decisions
  • Pharma and better outcomes
  • C-Level executives unplugged

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